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Contact Information
Name: Age:
City: Province/State:
Home Phone: Cell Phone:
Preference for a Horse to Adopt
Do you have a specific horse in mind? Name:
If not, or in case the horse has already been placed, please give us some idea of what you are looking for...
Gender: Mare Gelding Doesn't Matter
Age: Color:
Training (check all that apply): unbroken halter broken green broke
english western driving
Horse will be used for: companion horse trails/pleasure western showing
youth riding driving therapeutic
english showing other
Size: Small Pony (under 12hh) Medium Pony (12-13hh) Large Pony (13-14hh)
Small Horse (14-15hh) Medium Horse (15-16hh) Large Horse (16hh+)
Build: fine medium stocky
Rider information
Height and weight of person(s) that will be riding
Experience level of rider:
If you are interested in a youngster who is not yet broke to ride - Please check any of the following that apply:
I am experienced and intend to start the horse to saddle I would like to hire a trainer to start the horse
I would like help in finding a trainer I am unable to train the horse to saddle
Responsibility For Care
Have you ever been responsible for the care of a horse or pony before? Yes No
If yes, please indicate how long ago and under what circumstances
Please list any other horses/animals that you now have
Will the horse be stabled on your property? YES NO
If no please provide the name, address and phone number where the horse will be boarded
Describe the shelter the horse will have
What type of fencing encloses the turn-out area? Please include the approximate size of the turn-out area.
How long will the horse be turned out each day?
Please specify who will be responsible for daily care?
Is this person
When considering the adoption or fostering of a horse it is important to be aware of the costs that accompany such an undertaking. You will be responsible for providing the proper care and ongoing maintenance of the horse. This includes providing appropriate year round shelter, free access to water, proper feed, vaccinations, dental care, hoof care, deworming and trailering. You will also be responsible for arranging veterinary care in the event of illness or accident.
The following guidelines are presented to provide an estimate of the monthly maintenance costs associated with horse care.
kept at home per mo. boarded out per mo
Boarding cost $250-$500
Grain $20-$80 included
Hay $90-$150 included
Hoof care/shoeing $10-$50 $10-$50
Dental care $5-$10 $5-$10
Deworming $5-$10 $5-$10
Vaccinations $5-$10 $5-$10
Emergency care $10-$25 $10-$25
Total Average Cost $145-$335 $285-$605
Personal references (preferably a veterinarian or farrier - do not use immediate family)
First Reference - Name:
Home#, Cell# and Email:
Second Reference - Name:
Home#, Cell# and Email:
Please tell us what you believe is the ideal horse for you to adopt. We welcome any additional comments and description in the space provided.

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