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Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue accepts all new and/or used horse tack, riding apparel & supplies. HCW needs everything and anything, if we can't use it for the rescue horses and ponies, we will sell it, and use the $$ to buy things they do need. Riding Apparel of any kind is very easily sellable, so we gratefully accept all of it, regardless of it's condition. Obviously we prefer clean items but feel free to send the items even if they are dirty or ripped or missing a button! A few items on our WISH LIST are:

**Horse Hay Needed ASAP - Square & Round - No Donation Too Small!!**

**Round Bale Feeders (Plastic Style Only)!!**

**Feed (High Fat High Fibre, Surmount or Senior)**

**Waterproof Turnout Sheets/Blankets, All Sizes 36" to 90" **

**Both Front Fencelines Needs Replacing - Need someone with a tractor and auger - also donations of supplies for the fence (roughcut 2x6x10 planks and fence posts)**

**Dewormers, Any Type!**

**Money for Board/Training so that these wonderful horses and ponies can have further training before being adopted into their new homes - Please email Claire at HCW if you are interested in helping out!!

-4x4 tractor for moving round bales, manure, etc
-apo sulfatrim 800-160 pills (antibiotics)
-halters - all sizes
-leads - cotton with snap, no chains
-grooming supplies - brushes, curries, hoof picks, etc
-feed & water buckets
-fly masks - all sizes
-fly spray - water based
-fly turnout sheets
-lice powder
-double-end snaps
-vitamin mineral supplements
-medical sprays & ointments
-blue salt blocks
-2 or 3 step mounting block
-health supplements (ie: glucosamine, msm, prednisone, breathe, farrier's formula, hard keeper, finishing touch, ulcer medicine, etc)
-ivermectin de-wormers
-tapeworm de-wormers
-fence rails (true 2"x6"x10')
-cedar fence posts
-paige wire
-exterior wood paint (white)
-exterior rust paint (hunter green)
-electric fencer and supplies
-rubbermaid style water troughs
-water trough de-icers (safe for rubbermaid tanks)
-waterproof turnout blankets any size 36 to 90
-waterproof turnout sheets - any size 36 to 90
-turnout fly sheets - any size 36 to 90
-sheepskin halfpads
-mini harness & cart
-pony harness & cart
-cob harness & cart
-horse harness & cart
-field gates
-raccoon trap
-tack box/trunk
-sand for round pen
-sand for riding ring
-2-horse aluminum bumper-pull step-up trailer
-new barn, new shelters, new indoor riding arena (yes, wishful thinking i know!! LOL)
-and the list goes on (also see below for more items needed such as feed, etc).....

Please mail items to:

Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue
c/o Claire Malcolm
95 Cameron Rd
Cameron, Ontario K0M 1G0

For the larger items, please call or email me to arrange for delivery or pick-up. Thanks so much.

We also gladly accept Monetary Donations, Gift Certificates, Canadian Tire Money, etc. Please make payable to "Claire Malcolm" or "HCW Equine Rescue"

We also Need.........

**-Good Horse Hay, Round or Square (This Years Hay or Last Years)
**-Masterfeeds Surmount Pellets
**-Purina Senior Pellets
**-Purina Equilizer
-Hay Cubes
-Sweet Feed
-Shredded Beet Pulp
-Cat Food (for all the stray kitties that find their way into our barn every year!)
-Other Treats

We gladly invite No-cost & low-cost help from Blacksmiths, Vets, Massage Therapists, Equine Chiropractors, etc

** If you would like to donate $$ directly into our Vet Account, Blacksmith Account, Feed Store Account or Hay Supplier please email me and I would be happy to email you their contact info. Our hay supplier & farrier accept cash only. Thanks.**

...Please contact us for details/instructions on how to drop off, mail or help with any of the above. Thanks.


(1) Create and/or Distribute HCW Business Cards & HCW Brochures

(2) Place HCW Ads in Your Local Newspapers

(3) Donate/Send/Give your CANADIAN TIRE MONEY to HCW Equine Rescue.

(4) Hold a Fundraiser for HCW !

(5) Purchase a HCW Hat or HCW TShirt. $10-$15 each

(6) If you have a web site please add a link to the HCW web page

(7) Offer Free Embroidery for HCW apparel, saddle pads, etc

(8) Sell your unwanted new/used tack at a horse/tack auction and have them mail the cheque to Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue, c/o Claire Malcolm, RR#1, Cameron, Ontario, K0M 1G0.

Our apologies, but since we are not a registered charity, we cannot issues receipts.

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