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Adopting a horse is a serious responsibility. Horses require a lot of time, patience, money, commitment, knowledge, love, proper care, companionship, housing and much more. Our goal at HCW is to find these equines new loving, knowledgeable, permanent homes where they will never have to face fear again, whether it be fear of not being fed or watered, fear of not being warm enough in the winter or sheltered enough in the summer, fear of being mistreated or neglected, fear of being shipped off to an auction or a slaughter house. We want these equines to feel loved, feel safe and be well looked after in their new homes.

If you are interested in adopting a horse or pony from HCW please fill out an application form. Your information will then be reviewed and you will be contacted either by phone or by email. If we have the particular horse you are interested in, or something similiar you will be invited out to meet that horse or pony, either here at HCW or at the horse's current foster home. After the viewing, we will follow up with you, and will discuss further adoption procedures, or we will explain to you why adoption of this horse is not suitable for you at this time.

References will be checked.

Trailering arrangements can be made from our end, but the costs are your responsibility.

HCW is looking for permanent loving knowledgable homes for these horses, ponies and donkeys, not homes that will discard of them when they are no longer useful. Equines adopted through HCW Equine Rescue CANNOT be sold or given away or sent to an auction, slaughter or meat dealer under any circumstances. Please contact HCW if you can no longer care for your adopted equine. \


Often at HCW we have a large number of "companion only" horses available for adoption - we have found that not alot of people want to "buy/adopt" a lame or old horse for use as a companion, but they are willing to "lease/foster" one. So we started up the Fostering Program.

Fostering an equine is very similar to "Free-Leasing". You are required to pay the costs of daily care for this horse, such as board/feed, vet, blacksmith, de-worming, trailering, etc but you do not own the horse and you do not pay a monthly lease fee to the owner of the horse. You will look after this horse as though it was your own. The horse will remain up for adoption - and in the event that someone is interested in coming to see the fostered horse, you must be willing to show the horse at a time that is convenient for both of you. If during the time in which you are fostering this horse, you decide that you would like to adopt him/her, you do have the right to do so and adoption arrangements can be made. Adoption fees remain the same for foster families.
If during the time in which you are fostering this horse, you decide that you would like to cancel the fostering arrangements and return the horse to HCW, you have the right to do so and arrangements can be made to have the horse trailered back to HCW. Trailering Costs to/from the foster home are your responsibility.

Important: All Horses & Ponies at HCW are Adopted Out (Sold) or Fostered (Leased Out) in AS-IS condition. HCW Equine Rescue does not guarantee their soundness, health, conformation, personality, history, suitability for riding or breeding, or driving, etc. The information supplied on their web pages is information that was supplied to HCW by previous owners, or by the auction, or through our findings while the horse/pony is at HCW. Potential new owners are welcome to have a vet do a pre-purchase vet exam if they wish, at their expense.


The Sponsoring Program is designed for families/individuals/kids that would like to help care for a HCW horse or pony, but don't have the facility or the money or perhaps the knowledge to have one of their own, or for anyone that would just like to help out!! The average horse costs $100-$150 a month for feed alone (this does not include other costs such as vet, blacksmith, de-worming, blankets, fly spray, supplements, etc). You can help as much or as little as you want. You can send blankets, fly masks, grooming kit, $ for feed, etc. You get to chose which horse/pony you want to sponsor and if the horse/pony gets adopted out then you can choose another horse/pony. We will mention your name/city on the horses' page that you chose to sponsor. Companion-only horses that are long-term residents here at HCW are in desperate need of sponsors!!


HCW always welcomes VOLUNTEERS with open arms! Perhaps you can volunteer by assisting with trailering of these equines home from auctions, or to their new adoptive or foster homes?? If you have a reliable trailer and would be willing to be a volunteer driver, please email me, I'd love to hear from you. You may also volunteer your time if you are local and want to come and spend time with the rescued horses/ponies.. handling them, feeding them, grooming them, leading & tying them, some are able to be ridden, some need to be broke, some can be shown (some are suitable for w/t/c classes, some are suitable for leadline & walk/trot, some are suitable for just halter & showmanship classes), stalls to be cleaned, buckets to be washed, there's always lots to do and we welcome your help. If you are not local and would like to volunteer your time, perhaps you could post a HCW flyer at feed stores & tack shops near you, or submit a classified ad or article in your local newspaper.

Here is a list I compiled of volunteering jobs:
- trailering
- de-pooping the fields and paddocks
- de-weeding the fields and paddocks
- de-rocking the fields and paddocks
- cleaning the barn & run-in shelter
- cleaning & organizing the hayloft so we can get the winter hay & straw in
- finishing building fences that we started a few weeks ago
- build a lean-to for each small paddock
- build a large lean-to for big field
- paint new fences
- clean water & feed buckets
- groom the horses
- handling the young or nerous horses/ponies
- ride the horses
- bath the horses
- show the horses
- wash down inside of the horse trailer
- if you are a blacksmith, vet, equine message therapist, etc - feel free to donate your services
- create business cards & brochures
- distribute business cards & brochures
- place an ad in your local newspapers
- submit the HCW web page address to various search engines and link pages
- I am sure there are many other little jobs to do that I can't think of at this time.....

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