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Need Trailering??

The Trailering Costs To/From HCW are the Responsibility of the Adoptive Family, Foster Family, etc. Feel Free to Call or Email for a No Obligation Quote. Prices will Vary Depending on How Many Horses will be on the Trailer and Whether or not the Trailer is heading in your direction already or if a special trip has to be made.

Trailering is Available for Anyone (Not Just HCW Horses)

...... Upcoming Trips .....

We will deliver anywhere along those routes, or within the general areas!!

Please Note Trailering is Available Anytime Within Ontario (or within reasonable distance of the Michigan, NY or Quebec borders)

We transport your horses safely using a 2019 Chevy Truck and and a 2006 Cimarron 2+1 trailer with Side Ramp and Rear Step Up, 7'6" Tall. Nice & Bright, Great for Hard Loaders.

For a Quote on Any of the Above Trips, or Any Other Trips, Please Call or Email Josh at: 905-242-7229

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