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To all the wonderful families who have adopted a horse, pony or donkey from HCW in the past 14 years please email me your pix and blurbs for the updates page and memorial page. Thanks!

Where they are Now - Updates received from new owners ..........

ECLIPSE - Now Known as EVE:
"Hi Claire, Just thought I'd drop you a quick line to say hi and remind you that my beloved Eve and I celebrated our one-year anniversary recently. I cannot imagine feeling more connected to or loving any horse more than I do that girl of mine. I did the barn chores yesterday and the whole time Eve stood out the back chomping on a round bale and 'chatting' to me everytime I passed by with the wheelbarrel or water hose.... she is SIMPLY THEE BEST Horse ever. She eagerly comes to me when I call her in from the field and is an all-round barn favourite. I am just so proud of her. You've heard it before and you WILL hear it again.... THANK YOU for saving her life.... she has certainly had a tremendous impact on my happiness this past year. She's very happy, healthy and well-loved. My PERFECT equine partner! Hugs of thanks , Ruth & Eve"

Stanley and Buster have been a great addition to our farm since coming here in August 2009. Although they didn't know one another before they left HCW, they have bonded amazingly and get along great. Stanley, the much shorter mini, is DEFINATELY the boss. The two love to play in their paddock, including playing with their Jolly Ball. Although Stanley's club feet and twisted legs make him suitable as a companion only (and we don't mind one bit!), they don't slow him down at all ! He keeps up with 2 year old Buster. Buster has come a long way from the unhalter-broke yearling that we picked up almost a year ago! He has just begun his driving training and I hope to have him pulling a cart soon. Thank you so much for these 2 little blessings, they are such a joy to have around the farm. Adopted to Adrienne Schmitke in Aug '09. Update received in April '10.

In January 2009, I started back into riding after a 5 year hiatus only to come upon an ad for an Equine Rescue looking for "gentle, experienced riders" to help re-train and re-home horses. An avid animal lover, I was immediatley smitten by Heaven Can Wait and by Claire's loving endeavours for each and every one of her charges (be they horse, donkey, or another furry four legged creature!). I began the weekly commute from Toronto to Cameron to volunteer my time at the farm, doing whatever needed to be done to help. I met and worked with some of the sweetest horses, all of whom were absolutely unique, and precious in their own way. I couldn't begin to fathom how some of these horses were discarded, disvalued, and left for dead. Had it not been for Claire, and HCW's efforts, I would have never found my two soulmates, Prince and Corona. We adopted Prince, (a Bay Belgian Warmblood/Thoroughbred) from Heaven Can Wait in July 2009 as a gangly 2 year old, roughly broke for drafting and not much else. His loving demeanour and playful personality quickly endeared him to us (and everyone else he met) and his inquisitive nature made him a natural when it came to riding. It is now almost a year later, and Prince comes when he's called, follows beautifully on trail rides, and is excelling at his training in the ring. He has even learned to stand still for the farrier! (A feat for someone his size, and young age!) Prince is such a handsome boy, with an even more lovely personality, that I've received numerous offers to sell him - but no amount of money could ever replace where he lives in my heart. Our second addition, Corona, (a 12 year old Roan Clydesdale mare) came to HCW in the dead of winter, around Xmas 2009. I was immediately smitten with her, but tried to resist as I already had a handful training my sweet Prince, and didn't want to bite off more than I could chew. However, as I observed her gentle demeanour, her sweet as pie personality, and her extensive riding knowledge, I knew I had another gem on my hands who I couldn't let go! We adopted Corona in January 2009 as a horse for my hubby to learn on, and anyone else who wanted to get their "horse legs" back. Corona has now patiently trained my hubby on everything he knows about grooming, tacking up and riding. The four of us went out for a trail ride the other day-he and Corona took the lead, and I watched with pride as my partner turned around and said "I feel like Man Tracker!" (a modern day cowboy on the Outdoor Life Network on tv) She is a true representation of her name, Corona Joya, which means "Crown Jewel". Thank you Claire, and Heaven Can Wait, for giving me back my horse legs xoxoxo. Adopted to Stephanie Conover & Lee Morrison. Update Received in April 2010.

Aislyn is one of those ponies that was meant to be for us. We needed a mount for my 10 year old daughter to begin showing on. Her sister's thoroughbred took care of her that show season in the walk/trot classes but was still a bit too much horse for Gwendelyne to continue on. We visited Aislyn at Heaven Can Wait, thought about her for a few weeks, then agreed to foster her in November 2008 to see if she would suit. You see, Aislyn had never been trained to ride at the tender age of 12! What we found we had was a kind hearted, sensitive pony that was perfectly willing to go along with anything we needed her to do. So, without saying anything to Gwen, we adopted Aislyn and kept it a secret until, yes, you guessed it, Christmas morning! There she was with a big red bow in her forlock and an ownership certificate made out to Gwendelyne. Needless to say, Gwen was surprised and happy. Aislyn went on to become trained with us and began showing with Gwen at Seven Pines and Lindsay Horseman's the next summer. Not only that, but Aislyn went on several camping trips to Algonquin Park and the Vivian Forest complete with picket lines, strange trails and challenges on the path. That's when we new we had a special friend for my daughter indeed! Adopted to Diane Van Keulen in Dec '08. Update received in April '10.

Hi Claire, I have attached some pictures of Tilly. She is a favourite here at Barn View Stables and has a boyfriend called Yukon who she loves to play with. Tilly has proved to be an excellent addition to our trail riding team and has taken lots of non riders out around our trails. She has been in gentle training over the summer and even went to a show in the fall. She loves to jump but we have to take it easy with her as she has had some soundness problems, but with supplements and corrective shoeing we have kept her sound all summer. We hope to take her to more shows this year and she will continue to take beginner riders round the trails. Adopted to Alex Winship in Sept '08. Update received in Feb '10.

Lefty on right with his uncle Storm on the left. Lefty is rising 2 and is growing like a weed. He never stops playing and can run through the field like the wind. His quarter horse half is dominant for now. He is very smart and is easy to train. He is liked by all humans and horses alike. We are so happy to have him in our herd! Adopted to Laurel Gould in March '09. Update received in Feb '10.

First of all I would like to thank Claire for her love of horses and doing what she does . Without her I would not have lived my dream which was to be a horse owner and riding again. I started out by looking at the HCW website on a daily basis. I then got brave enough in 2004 to actually go to the farm and ask if I could volunteer some of my time. As winter was approaching I then asked Claire if I could perhaps foster one of the horses at least through the winter. I also asked which one do you think would be best suited for me. Kaptain's name came up along with a couple of others. I made my decision in October and Kaptain it was. I had him moved to Pickering to be close to my home . Less than 1 month of fostering later much to my surprise and joy my wonderful daughters presented a plaque to me with his name on it for my 50th birthday. They had adopted him for me. Kaptain will be 7 on March 15th and I love him with all my heart. We have gone on many trail riding adventures together in the last few years and I believe we have a bond that can't be broken. I have since moved him to a beautiful farm where he gets lots of love and care when I am not able to visit him and we have made some great friends along the way. Happy Trails, Nancy. Adopted to Nancy Mulholland in Nov '05. Update received in Feb '10.

"Hello Claire, It's been a while since Kobey left your place, almost 7 years. This little guy is having a more and more amazing journey...Our story started in April 2007, when Melissa, his previous adoptive owner, had to find him a good home (with HCW's permission). There I was, adopting this little chestnut gelding who wont stop talking. He has such a great personality! In 2008 Kobey was invited to the Royal Winter Fair in the Combined Hunter with Paul B'langer. Both of them were riding at the Royal for the first time. We had a great time and Kobey was a very good boy. Last year, we all moved to Bromont, so did Kobey. He now lives in Roger Deslauriers's barn. In December Mario Deslauriers was invited to carry the Olympic Flame, downtown Bromont, and of course the Royal Kobey was ask to be his partner, because he's so courageous and good looking. December 6, 2009 was a great experience for us. Kobey did great, although he was a bit worry at first when he saw the fire, but he quickly recuperated. Everyone there wanted to get a picture with Kobey and pet him, and he played along and I'm sure he liked all the attention. It's amazing to see the effect of horses on people. We still hear a lot about that day. I even heard that the picture is in the office at the FEI!!! Here's a few picture you can also see them on my Facebook Profile. I want to thank you again for what you do for those horses. And I'm proud to tell people that Kobey is one of the rescue horses. We now call him, Royal Olympic less! Thank you Claire". Adopted to Melissa in June '03. Adopted to Claudia Lynne in April '07. Update received in Feb '10.

"Hi Claire! Here is a photo of Laurel for your successful adoptions page. She's walking with her best friend Oakley (aka Sunshine). Hope you had a great holiday and things are going well with the rescue. Regards, Deborah". Adopted in Nov '06. Update rec'd in Jan '10.

"Annie (aka Abby) has gone from the shy little donkey she was when she first came to us 2 years ago to queen of the pasture. She and our other donkey Albert are inseparable and keep watch over our small flock of sheep together . When we got her she never hee hawed at all but now she greets us with louder hee haws than Albert and loves her treats of carrots. She has even grown accustomed to the farrier and stands quietly to have her feet done now. Kudos to our gentle farrier!!! Abby is a member of our family as are all our animals and we love her. Every farm should have a donkey.". Adopted in Aug '08. Update rec'd in Jan '10.

"I think this picture speaks louder than words. This is me (Katie) and Champ showing at our last show for the 2004 show season. Yes everyone this is Champ, he looks nothing like he used to. As you can tell he has come a LOOOONNNNNG WAY from when I brought this little guy home when he wasn't even 3 yet. He really is just an amazing horse. I can sit and watch him for hours and not get bored because believe me he does find ways to entertain himself, he's always getting into trouble, but I love him and I'm so happy that Claire gave me the opportunity to adopt Champ. He's my pride and joy, and has now even started teaching my younger cousin how to ride. He is so patient and loving, I really don't know what I would do without him!". Adopted to Katie in April '02. Update rec'd in Jan '05.

"I am the proud adoptive "mom" of Red. He is an amazing boy. Very, very inquisitive and is just a joy to be around for everyone that works with him. He is a favorite in the barn. As you can see his training is coming along well and he is such a fast study when I throw new things at him. He is thoroughly spoiled rotten and showered daily with carrots and his favorite peppermints!! Lots of hacking in the summer - his favourite pastime. He has found his "forever" home with me and is just the joy of my life. Thanks Claire for making it possible for him to have a "second chance" at life!". Adopted in July '02. Update rec'd in Jan '05.

KOBEY (aka Thumper):
"A picture is worth a thousand words...but we might add that this fellow has become a girls dream come through. If you wish hard enough, if you focus on your dreams, it will happen. It has. Kobey is heart and soul. May we add that he moves and jumps like a real champ, and has a heart of gold. But all is not perfect, he has a delinquent side as well.... he has been found to escape now and then, and cause havoc under the show tents - either looking for dry shavings, hay or treats ! - He's a Mastermind."
- every horse deserves a second chance and the opportunity to live the best life they can. Adopted in June '03. Update rec'd in July '04.

"This photo of Charlie includes Al, Glenda and their daughter Jody.....Charlie is doing great at his new home with Glenda and Al and he has put on a lot of weight. He is currently used for handicapped riding program and is working out great. He is a favorite in the barn". Adopted in Nov '02. Update by rec'd in June '04.

"This photo is of Jess and her friend Buddy (photo #2)...the Tennessee Walker that she bought last year! She is currently starting the Parelli system with him and is enjoying him greatly!". Adopted in Nov '02. Update rec'd in June '04.

"This photo is of me and my friend Romeo.....who I might add has been sound for the past few months and going extremely well under saddle and he has just started with trotting poles! He is a real joy to work with and although he lacks in self confidence he makes up for it in personality! He is an absolute pleasure to work with and my husband has a real soft spot for him. He is gaining weight well and is on a 6 week farrier schedule which seems to be suiting him beautiful......he soon will also be a partner for me with the Parelli system". Adopted in Feb '04. Update rec'd in June '04.

"Panda has been really good. She has improved in her listening skills so much. I have had about 3 or 4 lessons and did some jumping. She doesn't like to go on the trailer but she will go over the ramp. Since Panda has gotten here, she has got more and more confidence in me. Panda loves to go on trail rides with Reba { my mom's horse}, she isn't afraid of anything!! Panda has a fabulous trot ,my sister has even cantered her .I love riding her and spending time with her too. I think Panda will keep on getting better and better". Adopted in Feb '04. Update rec'd in May '04.

"Majesty is doing awesome! He is ridden on a regular basis by one of our more experienced riders for pleasure and has done a few local shows. This winter has been a good one for Majesty. Usually it is quite hard to keep weight on him since he enjoys his cribbing, but he is coming out of the winter furry and chunky". Update rec'd in March '04.

"Lexus continues to flourish. She has a 13 year old best friend that has ridden her on a regular basis for going on three years. She has done local horse club shows, fall fair and even does a little bit of mounted games.... she loves it! Having lost the sight in her one eye, Lexus is fairing quite well as she trusts her rider totally". Adopted in Aug '99. Update rec'd in March '04.

"D.J. is being restarted, once again. After a very tramatic beginning which he had a halter inbedded into his face, he has alot of trouble accepting halters and bridles. This time, he is much more relaxed and is ready to go. Today he was ridden again for the first time in over a year (with a leader) and things went very well. He is hopefully going to be ready to do mounted games this spring. He is quite used to all the props from the ground, let's see how he does with using props from his back. He is in great shape and a very beautiful little pony". Adopted in May '99. Update rec'd in March '04.

"Unfortunately Hailey is suffering from another round of laminitis. She has been up and down for the past few years. Just when we think that her time has come, she rebounds and has a good month or two..... and just when we think that she has this beaten she has another setback. The farrier is going to try another round of pads and shoes to see if we can help lessen her discomfort. Hailey was in foal when we adopted her. Her beautiful little filly Finny (Finicky Filly) is now four years old... she was started under saddle last summer and will hopefully be ready to do Mounted Games this spring". Adopted in March '00. Update rec'd in March '04.


"Chantury was re-adopted out to one of our student's grandmothers with Claire's permission. She has taken up residence in Belle Vallee, just north of New Liskeard. She is pretty much on vacation for the major part of the year until her owner's granddaughters come to visit for the summer. Then she has lots of extra attention and riding. She is doing very well". Adopted in Oct '00. Update rec'd in March '04.

"Topaz is now owned by 6 year old Jordan McVittie of Haileybury Ontario. Jordan and Topaz participated in the Children's Horse Show at the New Liskeard Fall Fair last September. As well as being Jordan's pony, Topaz is also used in a therapeutic riding program and she does mounted games. She is very healthy, very sound and loves the attention that she gets". Adopted in Sept '02. Update rec'd in March '04.

"My family and I have been the proud adopters of Ebony for the past 3+ years. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. When Claire first rescued her, she had an extreme case of thrush in all four feet. In fact, it was so bad that she literally had no frogs left! Thanks to Claire, and Ebony's foster family, by the time I went to meet this little sweetheart, she was well on the road to recovery. She has been completely cured for almost 3 years. She is the most gentle pony I've ever seen. In spite of being approximately 30 to 35 years of age, starting to go blind, lose her teeth and stiffening up with arthritis, I'm always greeted with a nicker when I bring her breakfast and dinner. I now have her in an area to herself so that she doesn't have to fight off the "boys" for any food, since she's getting harder to keep weight on. She has been completely retired for the past couple of years and is enjoying her retirement immensely I'm sure". Adopted in Dec '00. Update rec'd in March '04.

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